Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar


The Applebee's spectacular is designed around the theme of the Applebee's “apple” busting onto the scene on 42nd Street.  An 8' high fiberglass red apple, ringed in neon, is mounted to an aluminum backsplash to simulate this idea.   Pieces of steel and window louvers are 'floating' around, with fiberglass forks, spoons and plates coming through the wall with the apple. 

The Applebee's channel letters are open faced style, ringed in green neon and filled with flashing incandescent bulbs. 

Below the channel letters, six networked red LED electronic message centers display advertising messages in an eye catching “wall of text”.

Suspended below the projecting canopy are also five rotating apples, decorated with vinyl graphics.

Towering above it all is a very large glass of beer.  The photographic image was electrostatically printed onto 3M vinyl film, and the double sided beer stein is further enhanced with open face channel neon letters.



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